Outline Export Tool

Use the Outline Export Chrome Extension Tool in order to:

Get The Extension (Chromium Based)

Using The Export Tool

Once being focused in a tab with an outliner, clicking on the extension button will grab the current view and display it in the extension's options page. For example, searching for `governance` will return this view on the outliner:

Knowledgebase Search Before Export
The Outliner search box will hide all tree paths except those containing the relevant keyword. This means the exporter will not capture unnecessary text.

After clicking on the Outline Export tool, a page will open and translates the view into this output:

Knowledgebase Search After Export
The view from the Outliner is translated to plaintext in the Export Tool. Notice the content from the search result and its hierarchy are preserved.

The Outline Exporter has various options for changing the format of the output as well as some conditional parsing.

Exporter Options
The Outline Export Tool includes various options and output formats that may be of benefit to the user. This allows the content of the Outliner to be translated into other software.